Intersectoral Forum on Environmental Sustainability in the Extractive Sector: Best Practices and Policies from the Pacific Alliance and Canada

Authorities: Webinare November 11

Webinare C

Marie-Josée Fortin

Has over 31 years of experience in the education sector including 20 years of experience in the Americas and Africa. She is one of the creators of the innovative Education for Employment approach. In 2009, she was appointed Ambassador of the University of Quebec in Montreal, a distinction recognized by her exceptional career, her contribution to the education sector and her influence nationally and internationally. In 2016, she received a Medal of Honor from CONIF REDITEC, in recognition of her contribution to technical and vocational education in Brazil. In 2017, she received the National Order of the Lion, from the Republic of Senegal. She is currently the Director of International Partnerships for Colleges and Institutes Canada and a member of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

Mariano Castro Sánchez Moreno

Is the Deputy Minister of Environmental Management, at the Ministry of the Environment of Peru. He is a lawyer, a teacher and a consultant in environmental regulation and environmental best practices. He studied at the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Peru and has a diploma in Conservation Biology from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, as well as a Masters degree in Legal Research. He graduated from the ISO 14000 environmental management system audit training program and is a professor of the Environmental Law and Natural Resources Specialty Program.

Andrea Corzo Álvarez

Is the Director of Environmental Affairs at the Ministry of Environment of Colombia. She has worked in the private sector as a social-environmental manager, as well as a sustainability analyst. She is a lawyer specializing in the environment and hold a Master’s degree in environmental law from the Complutense University of Madrid, and a specialty in environmental consulting from the University de Leon in Spain.

Speakers: Webinare November 11

Webinare C

Pedro Joaquín Gutiérrez Yurrita

Is the Director General of Planning and Promotion of Audits and Federal Prosecutor for Environmental Protection in Mexico. With 30 years of experience in the field of ecology, he has recommended management guidelines for protected natural areas and has been involved in the field of ecological law and the development of projects related to the ecological economy. He has been a professor at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional and a researcher at the National System of Research (level 2) of the National Counsel of Technology of Mexico. His presentation will focus on putting Mexico in harmony with nature and the world.

Webinario C, subtema C1 Metodología para la obtención de certificaciones verdes en el sector extractivo

Katherine Gosselin

Is the Director of the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) program at the Mining Association of Canada. Prior to joining the Mining Association of Canada, she worked for Natural Resources Canada, where she worked with Latin American governments to promote sustainable mining practices, as well as provide advice in support of North American trade negotiations (Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement). Most recently, Katherine was responsible for international collaboration and Canadian policy development on trade and investment in essential minerals. Prior to working for the Government of Canada, Katherine gained experience in various countries such as Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Belgium. In addition, she obtained an MA in Global Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her presentation will highlight some of the characteristics and environmental quality standards of the program Towards Sustainable Mining.

Webinario C, subtema C1 Metodología para la obtención de certificaciones verdes en el sector extractivo

Alfonso Domeyko

Is the National Director of National Geology and Mining Service of the Ministry of Mining of Chile. He is a lawyer with a degree in Governance and Territorial Management. He has been a speaker on matters related to natural resources and has extensive experience on regulatory, administrative, sanctioning, natural resources, judicial and administrative litigation. He has also participated in various projects of laws. His presentation will focus on the process of continuous improvement in the area of mining safety.

Webinario C, subtema C2: Certificaciones y medidas de protección y salud en el ambiente laboral.

Carlos Jairo Ramírez Rodríguez

Is the Coordinator of the Sustainability Group of the Productive Sectors, in the Directorate of Sectorial and Urban Environmental Affairs at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia. He is a specialist in the circular economy and sustainable business. He is also a specialist of the inclusion of the environmental component in productive and service sectors, under the policy guidelines of sustainable production and consumption, comprehensive waste and sustainable plastics management, green growth, and sustainable development. The focus of his presentation will be on the consolidation of the sustainable management of plastic, its articulation with environmental waste management within the framework of extended responsibility.

Webinario C, subtema C3 Gestión sostenible de plásticos; economía circular.

Paloma Roldan Ruiz

Is the Executive Director of Ciudad Saludable, a civil association in Peru. She leads projects that interconnect civil society, the private sector and government; as well as large-scale projects with international impact. She is a specialist in the formulation and execution of socio-environmental projects and programs with a focus on the circular economy, inclusive recycling, as well as formal and community environmental education. Her presentation will focus on the training and sensitization of the public and private sectors to promote the continuous training of recyclers.

Webinario C, subtema C3 Gestión Sostenible de plásticos. Economía circular.